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Background report mistakes on the Airbnb site are getting more and more frequent. Such mistakes have the potential to profoundly impact the lives of users—hosts and visitors alike. Research indicates that mistakes in up to 25% of background reports can result in inaccurate account deactivations or other dire repercussions.

The most often occurring error categories in Airbnb background reports are listed in the table below:

Error TypeOverall Case %
Thirty percent of the criminal history records are inaccurate30%
Inaccuracies in conviction records20%
Errors in personal data20%
Errors other than those listed10%

Human mistake as well as technology malfunctions in data collecting and processing are among the many causes of these mistakes. It is critical to realize that even a little mistake in a background report can have dire repercussions, such as being refused lodging or having a reservation canceled.

To guarantee customer safety and service dependability, Airbnb routinely verifies its users. Errors still happen, though, and users frequently find themselves in circumstances when their accounts are terminated or they are refused access to the network because of inaccurate information. To make things right and get paid, under such circumstances, one needs expert legal counsel.

Airbnb and Mistakes Made During Background Checks

What Is Airbnb, and How Do They Verify Background Information?

Users of the short-term rental site Airbnb can book and rent lodging anywhere in the world. Background checks for all users, hosts, and guests, are one of the most important components of platform safety.

Fake Background Reports about Airbnb

Many times, there are mistakes in Airbnb background checks that could have very negative effects on consumers. These mistakes consist of:

  • False criminal history information.
  • False records of conviction.
  • Uncorrected personal data.
  • Other mistakes, including combining information from several sources.

How Long Does an Airbnb Background Check Take and What Features Does It Include?

Checking someone’s background on Airbnb often takes a few days. The typical time at every checkpoint is listed in the table below:

Verification StageAverage Time
Information collecting1-2 days
Verification of data3-5 working days
Client notification1 day

Samples of Report Errors and Their Effects

The following can happen if background report errors occur:

  • Deactivation of an account: For instance, even in cases when there is no real criminal background, an account may be deactivated if Airbnb claims to have one.
  • Turndown of the reservation: Inaccurate conviction records may result in Airbnb deactivating my account and preventing the user from making reservations.
  • Hosts’ problems: Should Inflection Risk Solutions encounter issues, Airbnb could misread the information from their background check.

Some Client Complaint Examples

Many clients voice concerns about mistakes in their background checks. Usual circumstances consist of:

  • There is no criminal record that Airbnb claims I have.
  • Bad info on Airbnb account canceled criminal record.
  • Issues with background check for Airbnb hosts.

Effects of Background Check Errors on the Deactivation of Airbnb Clients’ Accounts

Criminal Report Errors

Deactivating accounts is a common result of background report errors. For instance, an account can be blocked by Airbnb if its technology inadvertently finds out that a person has a criminal past.

Customer Complaint Examples

Typical Airbnb consumer complaints are as follows:

  • John, 32: “Apart from never having any legal problems, I got a notification from Airbnb claiming I have a criminal history. My account criminal record was therefore deleted by Airbnb, and I am unable to use the site anymore.”
  • Sarah, 28: “After a check, my account was disabled. Airbnb removed my criminal record from my account because they got inaccurate information from Inflection Risk Solutions.”

How We May Be Of Service

Profile of the IG-TCHAD Law Firm Services

Problems involving mistakes in background reports are our specialty at IG-TCHAD Law Firm. We offer full court case assistance in addition to free consultations. Helping customers get justice restored and damages paid is our aim.

Exemplary Cases of Client Assistance

We have effectively handled numerous instances involving mistakes in background reports on the Airbnb website. Few instances are as follows:

First case: Issues with the Airbnb Background Check

Thomas is the sales manager, 42 years old.

  • Background: Thomas took business trips frequently using Airbnb. He rented a place through the site without any problems for a few years. But following another verification, his account was abruptly disabled one day.
  • Problem: Thomas did not have a criminal past as the Airbnb background check revealed. Having never experienced legal problems, he was astounded. When Thomas emailed Airbnb assistance, he received a generic response that did not help to fix the problem.
  • Solution: Thomas called the IG-TCHAD Law Firm. We looked at the matter independently, collected proof of the inaccurate information, and testified in court. Thomas’s account was thus restored, and he was awarded $5,000 in moral damages.

Second Case: False Criminal Record on Airbnb

Emily is a teacher, 34 years old.

  • Background: Emily made the decision to use Airbnb to rent out her apartment in order to supplement her income. Though she cleared all the requirements, she soon got a message that her account was being deactivated.
  • Problem: Emily did not possess the conviction listed on the Airbnb criminal record. Startled, she had no idea how to respond. Making contact with Airbnb support produced no results.
  • Solution: Emily went to IG-TCHAD Law Firm for assistance. We established that the mistake resulted from data blending with that of another person having a similar name. Emily was compensated $3,500 for her losses by the court, which agreed with us.

Case 3: Criminal Record Deactivation Owing to Airbnb Account Deactivation

Jason, 30-year-old software engineer.

  • Background: Jason often reserved lodging for both work and play while renting on Airbnb. He was abruptly unable to utilize the site after his account was canceled one day.
  • Problem: The criminal history information on the deleted Airbnb account was inaccurate. Having always upheld his reputation, Jason was rather worried. Not even contacting Airbnb service fixed the issue.
  • Solution: Jason called IG-TCHAD Law Firm. Through an investigation, we established the data was inaccurate and provided the required proof in court. Jason’s account was so reinstated and he was paid $4,000 for moral damages.

Problems with Inflection Risk Solutions, Case 4 Hostelworld

Anna, 37-year-old entrepreneur.

  • Background: When on business travels, Anna stayed on Airbnb. Her account was in good standing up until a recent data check gave her trouble.
  • Problem: Her account was deactivated since Airbnb gave false information. Given how much it would affect her business goals, Anna was incensed. She made no effort to get the problem fixed through Airbnb service.
  • Solution: Anna turned to IG-TCHAD Law Firm for assistance. Her account was restored, and we were paid $4,500 for both moral and material damages after proving the data inaccuracy.

In-Detail Account of the Client Work Process

We do the subsequent things when a client gets in touch with us:

  1. No Charge Consultation: Determine the issue and describe potential fixes.
  2. Gathering all required paperwork and evidence: Carry out an impartial inquiry.
  3. Legal Support: In court, advocate on behalf of the client, pursuing justice and recompense.
  4. Damage Payment: The client gets paid for the losses and moral damages suffered following a successful case settlement.

Benefits of Engaging with IG-TCHAD Legal Firm

  • Professionalism and expertise handling problems with background reports.
  • No charge consultations for every customer.
  • Entire case management up to payment.
  • Results-oriented work: clients pay nothing for our services; the party against whom the claim is filed pays for them.

Final Thought

Background report errors might have disastrous effects on Airbnb consumers. However, these mistakes can be fixed and damages for the suffered losses can be sought for with expert legal assistance from IG-TCHAD Law Firm.

Contact us at the given contacts to arrange a free consultation and to solve your issue.

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