FedEx Background Check: Everything You Need to Know



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Basic Elements of FedEx Background Check

Executed through the lens of an external entity, notably First Advantage, the background check process at FedEx is a comprehensive amalgamation of checks—ranging from scrutinizing criminal records to validating past employment and educational credentials, amongst other determinants pivotal to the hiring verdict.

FedEx Background Check Disqualifiers

A candidate’s journey may hit a roadblock due to:

  • Convictions of grave criminal offenses.
  • Discrepancies or falsehoods within submitted documents or verbal disclosures.
  • Inadequacies in meeting the role-specific mandates, including the absence of requisite licenses.

How Far Back Does FedEx Background Check Go

Predominantly, FedEx delves into the past 7-10 years of an applicant’s history to construct an encompassing profile.

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take

The chronology of the background check spans from a handful of days to a few weeks, influenced by the intricacy of the case at hand.

Table: Key Aspects of Background Check at FedEx

Disqualifying FactorsCriminal history, data falsification
Duration of InspectionSeveral days to weeks
Depth of InspectionInsights from the last 7-10 years
Screening RequirementsCriminal, employment, and educational verification
Subsequent StepsLegal consultation, if necessitated

FedEx Background Check Errors

Incorrect Identification: At times, a candidate might be erroneously tagged due to commonalities in names, inadvertently casting another’s shadow over their profile.

Technical Errors: Glitches in data entry or the digital infrastructure may skew or misplace critical applicant information.

Outdated or Incorrect Information: Reports might occasionally harbor outdated or inaccurately interpreted data, potentially derailing a candidate’s prospects.

FedEx Background Check Timings

The turnaround time for a FedEx background check is not set in stone, oscillating from days to weeks based on the dossier’s volume, the executing agency’s efficacy, and the database query specifics. Procedural delays might stem from the exigency of further information validation or hurdles in database access.

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