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It is acknowledged that First Advantage leads the industry in background check services. In addition to pre-employment background checks on possible hires, the company provides a host of other services, such as data analysis for apartment rentals, background checks on driver’s licenses, and much more.

First Advantage performed more than a million checks for businesses of all sizes in 2023, ranging from little startups to major global conglomerates. Numerous well-known businesses, such as XYZ Corporation and Global Tech Ltd., are among their clientele, demonstrating the market’s confidence in their abilities.


  • 1,200,000 checks will be issued in 2023.
  • Sector market share for background checks: 35%.
  • Major clients include retail chains, financial institutions, and large technological companies.

Advanced technologies and updated databases assist First Advantage’s efficacy and accuracy in background checks, enabling them to recognize any hazards and give clients accurate information in a timely manner. This reduces risks for its clients when they hire new staff or rent out properties by empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

First Advantage Background Check Errors

People’s lives can be severely impacted by background check errors, which can have an effect on housing rents, credit acquisition, and career prospects. The types of faults that could happen during a First Advantage check are included in the table below, along with an explanation of their causes.

Error TypeDescriptionPotential Causes
Inaccurate Personal Informationinaccurate contact details, such as name, address, or birthdate.typos, inaccurately entered data, and operator errors in data entry.
False Criminal RecordErroneously linked to the customer are the criminal histories of other people.Similar names, inaccurate data assignment, and mistakes in databases.
Outdated Datadetails on convictions that have been long cleared or revoked.old records and database updates that are delayed.
Unfinished Resultsmissing crucial information about prior infractions or convictions.Incomplete database queries and restricted information access.

Candidates who make these mistakes risk severe repercussions, such as being rejected for jobs, being unable to rent the accommodation they want, or losing their credit. Clients of First Advantage and other organizations are better equipped to defend their rights when they are aware of the types of errors that might happen and the reasons behind them.

A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Selectively Resolving Background Check Concerns with First Advantage

If you find inaccuracies in a First Advantage background check report, you should take prompt corrective action to fix the issues. This is a thorough action plan that can be used to independently resolve these problems:

  1. Acquire and Examine the Report: Examine your First Advantage background check report carefully. Verify the accuracy and timeliness of all the information provided, including the sections on criminal records, work history, credit history, and personal information.
  2. Get Ready to Make a Correction Request: Write a formal request for the inaccuracies to be corrected. Provide a concise explanation of the mistakes and affix copies of records attesting to the veracity of your data. Please remember to provide your contact information for any feedback.
  3. Forward the Request with Tracking: Forward the request via postal mail along with a delivery notice. This is required to verify that the agency has received and registered your application.
  4. Await Response: First Advantage has thirty days to examine your request and make the relevant edits to the report. Follow the procedure and get in touch with the business if needed to find out how your request is progressing.
  5. Examine the updated report: Check the new report to make sure all previously identified faults have been fixed. Make sure that all of the data is now shown accurately.
  6. Additional Steps, If Needed: In order to settle the matter, more action or legal counsel may be required if problems were not fixed or if the report contains additional errors.

This guide will assist you in managing your First Advantage database information in an efficient manner, reducing the detrimental effects of inaccurate information on your personal and professional life.

Success Stories: Actual Cases of Helping Customers

We share a number of true client testimonials from whom the company helped rectify inaccurate information in First Advantage reports in order to highlight the significance of accuracy in background checks and the efficacy of our techniques in preventing errors.

Example 1: Background Check Delay for First Advantage

The Story of John Miller: John, an engineer looking for work, put his dream job at risk when his background check was unnecessarily delayed. Two weeks after the problem was resolved, John received his job offer thanks to our intervention, which sped up the process.

Example 2: Improper Use of the Check Fadv

Sara Klement’s Story: Her career in banking could be jeopardized after receiving a report that inaccurately described her criminal history. After our company assisted her in contesting the data, the mistakes were fixed, repairing her reputation.

Example 3: First Advantage Criminal Background Check Inaccuracies

The Story of Robert Evans: Robert was wrongly accused of a conviction that belonged to a different individual who shared his name. Robert was able to keep his job and clean record thanks to our assistance in proving his innocence.

Example 4: Check Results Are Delayed

Emily Turner’s Story: Emily was unable to sign a rental agreement since she had to wait over a month for the results of her check. Emily was able to move into the apartment of her choice because we stepped in and expedited the process.

Example 5: Report Error

Thomas Hughes’s Story: Thomas’s report had a mistake pertaining to his financial history. Our group assisted him in fixing this mistake, preserving his credit standing and mortgage prospects.

Example 6: Misinterpreting the Content of the Report

The Story of Jessica Fletcher: Jessica was stressed and confused because she did not understand why there were areas in her report that were confusing. We carried out explanation work, assisted Jessica in comprehending and double-checking all the details, and eventually enhanced her comprehension of her rights and responsibilities.

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Our organization, IG-TCHAD Law Firm, is prepared to offer expert assistance if you have found mistakes in your background check report or require assistance comprehending the information you have been given. We provide:

  • Free consultations, so you can talk to knowledgeable experts about your issue without having to pay extra money.
  • A comprehensive array of legal services concerning mistakes in background checks.
  • A customized strategy for every customer that takes into account the particulars of every circumstance.

Don’t allow background check mistakes have a detrimental impact on your life. Get in touch with us right now to see how we can support you. For a free consultation, you can contact us via phone, email, or online form. We are prepared to defend your rights and reputation because we are on your side.

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