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GIS background check refers to a thorough investigation of an individual’s background carried out by the company GIS (General Information Services). Employers, landlords, and financial institutions frequently utilize such checks to make well-informed judgments.

The primary elements and information verified during a GIS background check are

Record of past criminal activities

  • Conduct a search for any criminal records.
  • Evaluating the potential dangers by analyzing an individual’s criminal record.

Work Experience

  • Validation of prior employment history.
  • Verify job titles and periods of employment.


  • Educational institution verification.
  • Verification of acquired diplomas and certifications.

Credit history

  • Evaluation of financial solvency.
  • Conduct an assessment to determine the presence of any outstanding debts or financial problems.

Key features of GIS background check:

  • Execution speed: Typically, a GIS background check takes anywhere from a few days to one week.
  • Scope of examination: Typically encompasses the preceding 7-10 years, contingent upon jurisdictional statutes and client specifications.
  • Data accuracy: GIS endeavors to deliver the utmost precise data attainable, although errors may still transpire.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the components of a GIS background check and the specific data that is examined enables individuals to adequately prepare and promptly detect any potential inaccuracies. Now, we will examine common mistakes that occur during a GIS background check and the resulting repercussions.

Typical Mistakes in GIS Background Check

GIS background check errors can arise due to a range of issues, including technology malfunctions, human errors, or inaccurate data from primary sources. These errors have the potential to significantly impact individuals’ personal and career prospects.

Common mistakes and their repercussions:

Inaccurate Criminal History Data

  • Error description: The report erroneously indicates the presence of criminal records that the individual has never possessed.
  • Implications: Diminished employment prospects in sectors that necessitate an untarnished criminal record, such as education or healthcare.

Inaccuracies in employment data

  • Error description: Inaccurate information regarding past employers, job titles, or dates of employment.
  • Implications: Diminished prospects of securing employment due to incorrect information regarding professional experience.

Inaccurate Academic Information

  • Error description: Incorrect or inaccurate information regarding diplomas, specializations, or educational institutions.
  • Implications: Difficulties arise when seeking licensure, enrolling in educational institutions, or securing highly skilled professions.

Inaccurate financial information

  • Error description: Inaccuracies in credit history, such as erroneous data regarding debts or financial matters.
  • Consequences: The refusal to provide loans, leasing agreements, or housing rentals as a result of untrustworthy information regarding one’s financial condition.

Statistics regarding prevalent errors in GIS background checks:

Error TypePercentage of Cases
Inaccurate criminal history30%
Errors in employment data25%
Inaccurate educational data15%
Inaccurate financial information10%

Identifying and rectifying these errors is crucial due to their potential for substantial repercussions.

Actual Success Stories of Clients of the IG-TCHAD Law Firm

GIS background check errors can lead to significant repercussions, but our business excels at assisting clients in rectifying these errors and reinstating their reputation. Presented below are authentic accounts of individuals who have achieved notable success:

Emma S. Story

Emma S. encountered an inaccuracy in the GIS criminal background check, which hindered her from securing employment in the education sector. The report erroneously suggested a criminal record. We collected compelling evidence to establish Emma’s innocence and submitted a formal petition to the Geographic Information System (GIS). The mistake was rectified, and Emma triumphantly secured the position.

David L. Story

David L. found inaccurate data regarding his past employment during the GIS background check. The report contained inaccurate employment dates, which caused a potential employer to question its validity. We assisted David in collecting accurate data and delivering it to the Geographic Information System (GIS). Consequently, the information was rectified, leading to David being offered a position.

Lisa M. Story

Lisa M. observed inaccurate information regarding her educational background in the GIS background check report. The report had an erroneous mention of the educational institution, leading to complications during the application process for graduate school. With our assistance, Lisa submitted the accurate documents, resulting in the rectification of the error. Lisa successfully gained admission to the program of her choice.

John H. Story

John H. discovered inaccurate information regarding financial difficulties in his GIS background check report. The report contained inaccurate data regarding outstanding debts. We compiled the necessary paperwork and effectively challenged this mistake, enabling John to secure the coveted position at the bank.

Robert T. Story

Robert T. encountered inaccurate criminal record data during the GIS criminal background check. The report falsely showed the presence of a non-existent criminal record. We expeditiously assembled all requisite documentation and successfully rectified the error, so assisting Robert in circumventing termination.

Nancy K. Story

Nancy K. identified a discrepancy in the income data during the GIS background check. The report undervalued her pay, impacting job offers. With our assistance, the issue was promptly rectified, and Nancy was presented with a commendable career opportunity.

These instances emphasize the significance of our work and the necessity for meticulous scrutiny of information in the GIS background check procedure. We are prepared to assist anyone facing such issues, guaranteeing the safeguarding of their rights and accurate representation of information in the documents.

Sequential Guidelines for Rectifying Errors in GIS Background Check

Identifying inaccuracies in a Geographic Information System (GIS) background check report might be a demanding ordeal, but there exists a concise and systematic procedure that can assist you in promptly and efficiently resolving the issue:

Verify the precision of your report.

Thoroughly examine the GIS report you have received, specifically focusing on any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your personal details, employment background, criminal record, or educational qualifications.

Collect corroborating records.

Prior to reaching out to GIS or other pertinent organizations, ensure that you possess all essential documentation that substantiates your perspective, such as certificates, degrees, and workbooks.

Compose a formal petition to the Geographic Information System (GIS).

Compose a letter to the corporation explicitly outlining the identified problems and provide copies of documentation substantiating your argument. Please furnish your contact information for the purpose of receiving feedback.

Monitor the progress.

Upon submission of the error correction request, GIS is granted a legal period of 30 days to assess your case and rectify the data. It is crucial to monitor this process and, if needed, remind them of your presence.

Utilize public resources provided by the government.

If any complications emerge during the process or if GIS fails to adequately reply to your request, you have the option to seek assistance from government entities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or local consumer protection organizations.

These methods will assist you in rectifying inaccuracies in the report and averting potential adverse outcomes resulting from inaccurate information.

Contact Details and Complimentary Consultations

If you come across inaccurate information in your GIS report or any similar circumstance, feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. We assure assistance during every phase of the procedure — starting from the initial evaluation of the problem to the ultimate resolution of your concerns.

Ensure that inaccuracies in your background check do not impede your future. Reach out to us now to discover the ways in which we may assist you.

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