Info Cubic background check


Company Info Cubic LLC is a top provider of employer screening and background checks. Since its founding in 2002, it has swiftly become known as a trustworthy and experienced partner for companies looking to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and security when recruiting staff.

Among the many services Info Cubic provides are credit checks, criminal background checks, job verification, and even drug tests. These services reduce the dangers involved in hiring new staff members in addition to helping employers confirm the accuracy of the information supplied.

Important Aspects of the Business

  • All-Inclusive Approach: The business does extensive investigations encompassing everything from credit scores to criminal records.
  • Modern Technologies: Making use of automated systems and the newest technology to guarantee speed and accuracy of checks.
  • Confidentiality and Security: High degree of client data protection and adherence to all data protection laws.

Important Statistics Showing Info Cubic’s Activities

  • Year of Foundation: 2002
  • Total Checks Conducted: More than ten million
  • Clients: More than 20,000 businesses globally

Info Cubic Offers Main Services

Criminal History CheckLooking up arrests, criminal records, and other entries in criminal databases.
Credit CheckImportant for jobs involving money, assesses the applicant’s credit history.
Employment VerificationVerifying prior employment and work history.
Drug TestingExamining the candidate’s system for any drug use.
Educational VerificationVerifying the diplomas and certificates the candidate has supplied.

Services and Checks Performed by Info Cubic

Info Cubic provides organizations with a comprehensive selection of background and screening services so they may make safe and knowledgeable recruiting decisions. Principal offerings consist of:

Info Cubic Employment Screening for Employment Verification

  • Verifying the work experience of the applicant.
  • Making contact with prior employers to confirm the details supplied.
  • Evaluating accomplishments and professional abilities.

Info Cube Self Employment Screening for Self-Employment Verification

  • Verifying the facts about working for oneself.
  • Checking the candidate’s businesses’ existence and activity.
  • Examining financial statements and other paperwork attesting to one’s self-employment.

Info Cubic Background Check for Criminal History

  • Looking up arrests, criminal records, and other entries in criminal databases.
  • Compiling information from databases at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Verifying applicants for criminal histories abroad.

Credit Check

  • Reviewing the credit history of the applicant.
  • Reviewing credit reports to find possible financial hazards.
  • Verifying if the candidate complies with the financial job requirements.

Medical Examinations

  • Running drug testing on the applicant.
  • To guarantee correct results, collaborate with accredited laboratories.
  • Including a range of test kinds, such as blood, urine, and hair analysis.

Educational Validation

  • Verifying the diplomas and certificates the candidate has supplied.
  • Making inquiries of educational institutions to confirm the legitimacy of the documents.
  • Examining scholastic accomplishments and how they match the qualifications listed.

Check Statistics

These statistics show the value and efficacy of Info Cubic’s services:

% of Discrepancies FoundCheck Type
23%Employment Verification
15%Self-Employment Verification
5%Criminal History Check
12%Credit Check
8%Drug Testing
10%Verification of Education

These figures demonstrate how crucial and helpful Info Cubic’s checks are to businesses looking to reduce risks and make wise choices. To guarantee the most precise and fast results, the company aggressively works on enhancing its services and introducing new technology.

Info Cubic Reliability and Legitimacy

Employers picking a background check service provider take into account Info Cubic’s validity and dependability. Noteworthy are the reasons Info Cubic has become a reliable partner in this industry:

Reputation on the Market

  • The company has demonstrated its professionalism and stability by operating profitably since 2002.
  • Worldwide, Info Cubic provides services to over 20,000 businesses, both big and small.
  • High industry ratings and positive client reviews highlight the dependability and quality of the services offered.

Acknowledgment of Regulatory Needs

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are two of the data protection laws and standards that Info Cubic complies with.
  • The organization guarantees a high degree of secrecy by putting in place stringent security measures to safeguard client and candidate data.

Solutions in Technology

  • Modern technology and automated systems used for checks guarantee great efficiency and accuracy.
  • The Info Cubic system simplifies and improves client convenience by integrating with a number of human resource information systems (HRIS).

Openness of Procedures

  • To enable employers to make educated decisions, the organization offers clients thorough reports and explanations of check results.
  • Real-time check status tracking for clients improves process openness and confidence.

Validating the Website’s and the Company’s Legitimacy

Many individuals wonder if Info Cubic is a real website and if the services offered by the business are reliable. Following are some signs that Info Cubic is real:

  • Certifications and Accreditations: Info Cubic is in compliance with international standards thanks to the required certifications and accreditations.
  • Physical Presence: The company’s offices spread throughout various nations attest to its stability and physical presence in the market.
  • Public Data: The official website of the company has easily verified contact information and legal address.

Details and Status of Info Cubic Reports

The primary instrument that Info Cubic offers employers to evaluate the qualifications and dependability of applicants are the reports. Numerous data in these reports facilitate well-informed hiring choices.

Check Report Status Procedure

Info Cubic provides the ease for clients to monitor check status in real time. Following are the primary procedures for verifying report status:

  1. Personal Account Login:
  • Use the supplied login and password to access your personal account on the official Info Cubic website.
  • You may make an account by following the website’s instructions if you don’t already have one.
  1. Dashboard:
  • You will see a dashboard in your personal account that shows all of your completed and active checks.
  • You may view the status of every check, such as “in process,” “completed,” or “additional information required.”
  1. Examine the Specifics:
  • Click on the related report for more specific check information.
  • The report will give a thorough picture of the procedure by displaying every step of the check and their present state.

Info Cubic Background Checks’ Main Issues

Data Errors

  • Personal data errors: Incorrect names, birthdates, or residences might lead to misunderstanding and the wrong identification of candidates.
  • Information about several people may be inadvertently mixed because of name coincidences or other identification data.

Delays in Checks

  • Long wait for results: Employers and candidates may find the hiring process delayed and the data verification procedure inconvenient when it takes longer than anticipated.
  • Dependency on outside sources: Since checks frequently depend on replies from outside parties, their internal delays may cause the process to go more slowly.

Criminal Reporting Errors

  • False positive results: A candidate’s reputation and prospects of employment may be severely impacted by an inaccurate indication of convictions or arrests.
  • Outdated information: Sometimes criminal records are out of current or misinterpreted.

Problems with Employment Verification

  • Unverified prior employment information: Insufficient information or no communication with prior employers can result in an inaccurate evaluation of the candidate’s background.
  • Unaccounted periods of self-employment: The candidate’s work history may contain gaps if self-employment is not properly or incompletely verified.

Security and Privacy of Data

  • Danger of data breaches: Info Cubic is vulnerable to data breaches, which can hurt both job seekers and employers, just like any other company handling personal data.

Applications of Solutions

Data Updates and Verification

  • Regular updates: Reducing errors is made possible by regularly updating databases and systems utilized for checks.
  • Double data verification: Putting a double data verification system into place can drastically lower the possibility of mistakes.

Process Acceleration

  • Automated data verification systems can shorten results wait times.
  • Collaborating with trustworthy sources: Getting information by partnering with trustworthy and established companies can expedite the process and raise the quality of the data.

Support and Training for Employees

  • Data handling training: Encouraging regular training of staff members participating in checks lowers the possibility of mistakes.
  • Customer service: Giving candidates and clients excellent service and the speed at which report mistakes can be fixed.

Enhanced Data Security

  • Advanced protection technologies: Leaking of information is lessened by using state-of-the-art technologies for data encryption and protection.
  • Frequent security assessments: Regular inspections and assessments of security aid in locating and removing weaknesses.


Issues with background checks carried out by Info Cubic can have a big effect on the recruiting process and the standing of candidates and businesses. But putting current technology into use, automating procedures, routinely updating data, and strengthening security measures can greatly lower the amount of mistakes and raise the dependability and effectiveness of inspections. To give its clients precise and prompt results, Info Cubic keeps refining its services.

I provide clients expert help in resolving such mistakes as a lawyer who specializes in mistakes in credit reports and background checks. My objective is to help my clients avoid unfavorable effects by guaranteeing the truth and justice of the material in reports. This is the thorough action approach I use to fix Info Cubic report mistakes.

Remarks: Steps to Fix Client Info Cubic Report Errors

Consultation of the Client:

  • First Analysis: Find out the kind of the issue by having a first meeting with the client. Analyse the obtained report and point up any mistakes.
  • Information Gathering: To confirm the data accuracy, get the required paperwork and information from the client. Copy of birth certificates, passports, job contracts, reference letters, criminal record certificates, and so forth may be included here.

Getting Ready to Submit an Official Request

  • Request Formation: Get ready to send Info Cubic an official letter or statement correcting mistakes. Together with accompanying documentation, the letter lists every mistake found.
  • Legal Justification: Cite pertinent statutes and rules, such the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), to support your adjustment.

Requesting Information Cubic

  • Getting in touch with Info Cubic: Submit the ready request by the official means of contact (email, postal address, or online form).
  • Tracking Delivery: Verify receipt and registration of the request. For requests sent via mail, use delivery confirmation.

Using Info Cubic:

  • Process Monitoring: Follow the development of the request by keeping in regular communication with Info Cubic staff. If more details are needed, give them right away.
  • Legal Pressure: If required, remind Info Cubic of their legal responsibilities to fix mistakes and uphold client rights.

Awaiting and Acquiring the Results:

  • Status Monitoring: Track the request status and let the customer know how things are going and when corrections should be expected.
  • Receiving Corrected Report: Upon error rectification, obtain an updated report from Info Cubic and verify that all data is included.

Extra Actions Should Refusal Occur:

  • Legal Action: If the request is turned down or disregarded, get ready to take legal action, such filing complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or filing court appeals.
  • Client Rights Protection: If needed, represent the client in court and pursue justice and payment for any harm brought about by report mistakes.

Successful Corrections of Errors

Here are some usual instances to show the procedure and our accomplishments:

Correction of Personal Data

  • Error: The report contains an incorrect name or birthdate.
  • Actions: Get ready a request and include a copy of your birth certificate or passport. Entire data repair completed in 30 days.

Corrected Employment History

  • Error: Wrong dates or jobs held.
  • Actions: Get copies of reference letters or job contracts. Validation of the data and successful rectification.

Corrected Criminal Records

  • Error: False positive criminal check results.
  • Actions: Send a criminal record certificate together with the legal basis for the correction. Removing wrong records successfully.

Consumer Advice

  • Evidence Collection: Save and make available all documentation at your disposal that validates your information.
  • Legal Consultation: To guarantee prompt and accurate rectification, get legal help as soon as reports exhibit errors.


Protecting the rights of my clients and guaranteeing the fairness and veracity of credit reports and background checks are my legal goals. Using my skills and the procedures listed, I assist customers in fixing mistakes and obtaining justice.