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Infomart, Inc., founded in 1984, is one of the main companies in the United States offering biographical data verification services. Since its beginning, Infomart has consistently increased its service offerings and strengthened verification techniques to ensure that its clients receive the most accurate and dependable results. Over the years, the organization has built a reputation as a trustworthy business partner, assisting employers in making informed recruiting decisions.

Infomart provides a variety of biographical data verification services, such as education, employment activities, financial condition, and criminal background checks. Understanding the data verification process and time will allow you to better prepare and avoid potential delays.

General Information About Infomart Background Check

Infomart verifies data depending on the information provided by the applicant or employer. This method consists of numerous stages:

  • Infomart collects data from applicants and employers, including biographical information, education, employment history, and financial condition.
  • Data Verification: Infomart checks the information provided against a variety of sources, including databases, government registrations, and other trustworthy sources.
  • Report Compilation: After verifying all data, Infomart generates a final report that incorporates the results of all checks.
  • Report Provision: The final report is given to the employer or applicant to make the final decision.

Infomart Background Check Time

Infomart’s average data verification time ranges from three to seven working days. However, depending on the intricacy of the request and the necessity for extra inspections, the procedure could take longer. The data verification time is dependent on the following factors:

  • Amount of data provided
  • Additional checks are needed.
  • The availability of information sources

How Long Does the Infomart Background Check Take?

The data verification process varies according to the intricacy of the request. In most circumstances, normal data verification takes three to seven business days. However, in difficult circumstances, the process may take several weeks.

To acquire correct information about verification times, please contact Infomart directly or check the status of your request on their website.

Infomart Background Check Status

Checking the progress of your request on the Infomart website allows you to follow the data verification process. To do this, enter the unique code supplied when applying. This allows you to be updated about the verification’s current status and take appropriate action in the event of a delay.

Stage of Verification

  • Infomart collects data from applicants and employers.
  • Data Verification: Infomart checks the information provided against numerous sources.
  • Report Compilation: Once all data has been verified, Infomart creates the final report.
  • Report Provision: The final report is given to the employer or applicant to make the final decision.

Recommendations to Track Status

  • Obtaining a Unique Code: When applying for data verification, Infomart assigns a unique code that can be used to track the status.
  • Checking on the Infomart Website: Enter the unique code on the Infomart website to learn about the current status of the verification.
  • Contacting Infomart: If the status has not been updated or you have any questions, please contact Infomart directly for clarification.

Understanding the procedure and time required for data verification at Infomart allows you to better prepare and minimize unexpected delays. If you have any queries about the verification status or are concerned about the accuracy of the submitted data, please contact us for a free consultation and legal aid.

Common Errors in Infomart Background Checks:

Errors in data verification can have major effects for clients, such as job loss, rental rejection, and financial loss. Understanding frequent errors and their consequences might help you be more prepared and take appropriate action.

Description of errors

Errors in Crime Data:
  • Incorrect criminal record entries, which may include crimes that do not exist or are unsuitable.
  • Such inaccuracies might result in job rejection, particularly in sectors that require a clean criminal record.
Errors In Employment Data:
  • Incorrect information about prior employment locations, positions, or time periods.
  • This can harm your reputation and career chances.
Errors in Educational Data:
  • Incorrect information regarding degrees attained, specialty, or educational institutions.
  • These inaccuracies can cause issues while applying for jobs or educational institutions.
Errors in Financial Information
  • Incorrect information regarding bills, credit records, or financial troubles.
  • This can result in denials for credit, leasing agreements, or financial aid.

The Impact of Errors on the Client

Errors in Infomart background checks might have serious consequences on your life. Below are a few examples of such impacts:

  • Employment Issues: Inaccurate data in your report can result in job rejections or dismissal.
  • Rental Difficulties: Incorrect data verification can result in rental rejections.
  • Financial issues: Incorrect financial information can result in credit denials or other financial services.
  • Reputational Risks: Inaccurate data can harm your reputation, harming both personal and professional connections.

Error Statistics for Infomart Background Checks

Type of errorPercentage of cases
Errors in Criminal Data30%
Errors in Employment Data25%
Errors in Educational Data15%
Financial Errors10%

These statistical findings highlight the significance of accuracy in data verification. Understanding these issues might help you plan for potential outcomes and take appropriate corrective action. If you find problems in your Infomart background check, please contact us for a free consultation and legal aid.

The consequences of errors in data verification

Errors in data verification might have major consequences for many facets of your life. Let’s look at how inaccuracies in Infomart background checks can impact job, credit acquisition, and renting situations.

Impact on Employment
  • Job Rejection: Employers frequently use data checks to make hiring decisions. Erroneous entries can result in prompt rejection.
  • firing: If an inaccuracy is detected after hiring, it might result in an immediate firing.
  • Career Advancement Issues: Inaccurate facts might harm your reputation and complicate your career advancement.
Impact on Credit Acquisition.
  • Credit refusal: Incorrect information regarding bills or credit history can result in credit refusal.
  • Higher Interest Rates: Incorrect data might harm your credit score, resulting in higher interest rates.
  • Mortgage Issues: Financial data errors can lead to mortgage or other substantial loan denials.
Impact on Rentals
  • Rent Rejection: Landlords frequently undertake data checks before renting out premises. Erroneous entries can result in rejection.
  • Increased Rental Rates: Inaccurate data can limit your capacity to negotiate fair rental terms.
  • Moving Issues: Data verification errors can cause delays or even complete disruptions in moving arrangements.

Client Life Stories

Errors in data checks might have major effects for your professional and personal lives. Here are a few real-life examples of how we assisted our clients in resolving challenges caused by mistakes in their reports.

Story 1: Error on Employment History

Michael Wilson, an accomplished engineer from California, encountered an issue while applying for a job because of an inaccuracy in his Infomart background check. According to the report, he did not work for the company where he spent five years. This caused concerns with the employer, and Michael was not offered a job.

Michael was stunned because losing this possibility meant not just a missed professional opportunity but also financial hardship for his family. He sought our firm, IG-TCHAD Law Firm, for assistance.

We supported Michael in compiling the relevant documentation, including recommendation letters and contracts from past companies, to validate his employment activity. We subsequently filed a formal complaint with Infomart, describing the inaccuracy and providing all documentation.

Following the report’s modifications, Michael reapplied for the job at the same business and was offered the position. Michael was quite grateful for our assistance, stating that it helped him avoid major financial and professional troubles.

Story 2: Error in Education Data

Elizabeth Taylor, a New York teacher, encountered a major problem as a result of an inaccuracy in her educational information during the Infomart background check. The report falsely said that she received a degree from a university she had never visited, rather than her actual educational institution.

This blunder generated concerns among the school board, and Elizabeth was unable to acquire a new teaching position. As the primary breadwinner for her family, this posed considerable professional and personal challenges for her.

Elizabeth requested legal aid from us. We assisted her in gathering the necessary documentation, which included diplomas and certificates from her actual university, as well as letters from teachers and administrators. We made a request to correct the data in Infomart.

The error was fixed a few weeks later, and Elizabeth was offered the position she had applied for. She was very satisfied with our expertise and prompt reaction, which allowed her to escape long periods of unemployment and financial troubles.

Story 3: Incorrect Financial Information

Robert Johnson, a Texas entrepreneur, had a trouble getting a mortgage because of an inaccuracy in his Infomart background check. The report included non-existent debts, resulting in a credit denial.

For Robert, this was a big setback because he had planned to buy a house for his growing family. The inaccuracy in the report compromised his objectives and financial security. He came to our law office for assistance.

We aided Robert in disputing the error by supplying all relevant proof, such as bank statements and letters from creditors confirming the lack of indebtedness. We submitted a complaint with Infomart and followed the data repair process.

As a result, Infomart made the appropriate revisions, and Robert received the mortgage. He was exceedingly appreciative for our assistance, stating that without it, he would have faced serious financial troubles.

Story #4: Error in Criminal Records

Laura Williams, a Florida student, was denied an apartment rental owing to an inaccuracy in her felony history on the Infomart background check. The report incorrectly showed a criminal background, prompting the landlord to reject her application.

Laura was horrified since she desperately wanted to find housing before the start of the school year. She asked us for legal help.

We assisted Laura in gathering documentation of her clean criminal record, such as police certifications and testimonies of good conduct from her prior landlords. We submitted a formal complaint with Infomart, demanding that the error be addressed.

Laura was able to rent her dream apartment after making the necessary alterations. She was quite appreciative for our assistance and timely steps, which saved her from stress and unneeded money.

These instances highlight the necessity of data accuracy in Infomart background checks. We are delighted to have assisted these folks in restoring their reputations and avoiding the harmful effects of reporting errors. If you have had similar concerns, please contact us for a free consultation and legal aid.

A step-by-step guide to correcting errors

If you uncover flaws in your Infomart background check, use this step-by-step approach to repair them on your own. This process entails examining the report, gathering required documentation, officially contacting Infomart, and, if necessary, utilizing government resources.

Review the Report for Errors

  • Thoroughly Examine the Report: After getting the report from Infomart, double-check all of the data for inaccuracies. Please pay attention to the following sections:
    • Criminal History: Ensure that all entries are correct and error-free.
    • Employment Activity: Check the accuracy of the listed employment locations, positions, and time periods.
    • Education: Verify that the listed educational institutions, specialties, and degrees are correct.
    • Financial Data: Verify the accuracy of your debt, credit history, and other financial information.

Collect necessary documents

Prepare the relevant documentation to verify the accuracy of your data:

  • Educational certificates and degrees.
  • Workbooks and recommendations from past employers
  • Court Certificates of Criminal Record Removal or Non-existence
  • Copies of credit report and financial papers

Make Copies of papers: Prepare copies of all supporting papers for submission to Infomart.

Officially Contact Infomart

Write a formal letter to Infomart, outlining the detected inaccuracies and providing copies of supporting documents. Example letter:

[Your name]

[Your address]

[City, State, Zip Code].



Infomart Inc.

[Company address]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to inform you of the mistakes discovered in my biographical data verification report, which your organization generated. The report has the following errors:

1. [Error Description 1].

2. [Error Description 2].

Attached are copies of documentation that validate the accuracy of my data:

1. [List of Documents 1].

2. [List of Documents 2.]

Please evaluate my request and make any required changes to the report. Please inform me of the changes made and confirm receipt of this letter.


[Your name]

To ensure that your request is received, send the letter to Infomart via mail with delivery confirmation.

Monitor the process.

Monitor the Process: Once you’ve sent the letter, keep track of the status of your request. Infomart is required to consider your request and make modifications within 30 days of receiving the letter.

Remind Yourself: If you have not received a response within 30 days, please contact Infomart to confirm the status of your request.

Use Government Resources.

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): If Infomart fails to remedy the inaccuracies or dismisses your request for rectification, you may submit a complaint with the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission regulates mistakes in credit reports and biographical data checks. The FTC website has a form for making a complaint.
  • Contact Local Consumer Protection groups: Local groups can assist you in resolving disputes with Infomart and providing further support.

Contact Details and Free Consultations

If you have any questions or require extra legal advice, please contact us for a free consultation. We will assist you in addressing problems in your Infomart background check while also protecting your rights.

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