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Intellicorp is one of the leading companies in background checks, providing data on criminal records, previous employment, education, and other key aspects that may influence decisions by employers and creditors. However, despite significant technological resources and expertise in conducting background checks, even companies like Intellicorp make errors. These errors can severely impact people’s lives, preventing them from getting the desired job or necessary financial services due to incorrectly recorded data.

Our practice shows that many clients face the challenging task of proving their case and correcting erroneous data, which often requires legal assistance.

Common Intellicorp background check errors and their impact on individual prospects

Errors in background checks, especially those related to Intellicorp, can have diverse and far-reaching consequences for individuals.

  • Incorrect criminal record information: One of the most serious errors is the incorrect indication of a criminal history. Such an error can prevent a person from getting a job or a license in certain industries.
  • Errors in employment history: Sometimes reports may contain incorrect information about previous workplaces, positions, or employment dates, reducing a candidate’s chances of successful employment.
  • Incorrect education data: Wrong information about educational institutions, specialties, or degrees can affect admission decisions or employers.

Statistics in recent years

ErrorPercentage of cases
Incorrect criminal record information30%
Employment history errors25%
Incorrect education data15%

These errors not only cause significant inconvenience for individuals but can also lead to long-term negative consequences, such as missed professional opportunities or financial losses. It is important for people to know how to recognize such errors and effectively address them to minimize potential damage.

How to deal with errors in Intellicorp background checks: step by step

Discovering errors in Intellicorp background check reports can be a stressful experience, but there are clear steps that can help you quickly and effectively resolve the issue. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow for correcting inaccurate data:

  1. Check your report for accuracy: First and foremost, carefully review the report from Intellicorp, paying attention to any discrepancies or errors in your personal information, employment history, criminal record, or education.
  2. Gather supporting documents: Before contacting Intellicorp or other relevant organizations, make sure you have all the necessary documents that support your case (e.g., certificates, diplomas, employment records).
  3. Write an official request to Intellicorp: Send a letter to the company clearly indicating the errors found and attach copies of documents confirming your correctness. Provide your contact details for feedback.
  4. Track the process: After submitting the correction request, Intellicorp has a legal 30-day period to review your case and correct the data. It is important to monitor this process and remind them if necessary.
  5. Use government resources: If you encounter difficulties during the process or Intellicorp does not respond to your request properly, you can seek help from government bodies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or local consumer protection agencies.

These steps will help you not only correct errors in the report but also prevent potential negative consequences that may arise due to incorrect information.

Success stories from IG-TCHAD Law Firm

IG-TCHAD Law Firm has successfully helped many clients correct errors in Intellicorp background check reports. Below are real success stories that demonstrate our effectiveness and professionalism in solving such problems.

Jason M.’s Story

Jason discovered incorrect criminal record information in his Intellicorp report, which prevented him from getting a job in a financial company. IG-TCHAD Law Firm quickly gathered the necessary evidence and sent an official request to Intellicorp. As a result, the errors were corrected, and Jason got the desired job.

Sarah K.’s Story

Sarah’s report contained incorrect information about her educational level, causing problems when applying for a license. With the help of our lawyers, Sarah sent all necessary documents to Intellicorp confirming her qualifications, and the error was corrected promptly.

Michael R.’s Story

Michael faced incorrect data about his previous workplace, which severely distorted his employment history. IG-TCHAD Law Firm helped Michael restore accurate information, allowing him to successfully pass an interview for a new position.

Elizabeth J.’s Story

Elizabeth encountered false data about financial problems, which was critical as she was applying for a position in the banking sector. Our team prepared all necessary documents and successfully disputed the erroneous information with Intellicorp.

Thomas N.’s Story

Thomas discovered that his background check included information about an offense he never committed. Thanks to the prompt work of our lawyers, the information was corrected, and Thomas avoided possible dismissal.

Amelia V.’s Story

Amelia faced incorrect information about her previous salary, which lowered offers for new vacancies. With the help of IG-TCHAD Law Firm, the error was quickly corrected, and Amelia received a proper job offer.

These cases highlight the importance of our work and the necessity of careful attention to detail in the background check process. IG-TCHAD Law Firm is ready to assist anyone facing similar problems, ensuring their rights are protected and information is accurately reflected in documents.

Questions and Answers about Intellicorp Background Checks

To help clients better understand the background check process and related issues, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Intellicorp checks.

  1. How long does it take to conduct an Intellicorp background check? – The process usually takes a few days to a week. The time may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of information requested.
  2. How far back does Intellicorp’s background check go? – Intellicorp can provide information for the last 7-10 years, but this depends on state laws and customer requirements.
  3. What types of data does Intellicorp check in a background check? – Intellicorp checks criminal history, employment history, educational background, and credit history (if required for the position).
  4. What should I do if I find an error in my Intellicorp background check report? – You should immediately contact Intellicorp, provide evidence of the error, and request data correction. Legal assistance may also be sought to expedite the process and ensure a correct outcome.
  5. Is Intellicorp responsible for errors in background checks? – Yes, if an error is made, Intellicorp is required to correct it within the legally established time frame, which is usually 30 days after receiving the official notification.

These questions and answers help our clients better understand the check process and provide tools to protect their rights in case of errors.

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