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Ever since its founding in 1993, JDP (Just Data Processing) has become one of the top suppliers of background check services. The company specializes on offering employers, landlords, and other organizations who want information about the background and reputation of their applicants or tenants precise and trustworthy checks.

Service Offerings by JDP

Among the many data verification services JDP provides are:

  • Investigations into criminal histories
  • Credit history investigations
  • Checks on employment histories
  • Information about education
  • Verifications of driver licenses

Meaning of JDP in Background Investigations

It is well recognized that JDP does checks with precision and dependability. Their services lower the possibility of selecting the wrong person by empowering employers to make educated choices. Furthermore, JDP reduces the possibility of payment problems and other unfavorable actions by assisting landlords in confirming the dependability of prospective tenants.


These figures will help you to appreciate the importance of JDP’s services:

Measuring Value

  • Annum de cheques: 1.5 million
  • Background check errors: less than 5%
  • Average check takes three business days.
  • Companies implementing JDP checks as a percentage of their total

These statistics show how effective and much in demand JDP’s services are in the present market.

Description of the JDP Background Check Process

At JDP, the background check procedure is divided into multiple phases that guarantee the precision and dependability of the information gathered:

  1. Information Gathering: JDP gets the client’s personal information, including the tenant’s or candidate’s.
  2. Data Verification: JDP experts check data in a number of databases, including credit reports, work histories, and criminal records.
  3. Data Analysis: Analyzing the data obtained, possible hazards are found.
  4. Report Provision: The client gets a thorough report including the verification findings.

Time Frames

Three working days is the usual length of a background check at JDP. Nevertheless, the length and intricacy of the validated data may cause the time frames to differ. Frequently asked questions about the length include “JDP background check time frame” and “how long does JDP background check take.”

Application of Checks

Depending on the kind of inspection and the needs of the customer, JDP can carry out checks covering various time frames. Background checks normally cover the last seven to ten years, however occasionally they can go longer or shorter.

Credit Report Impact and JDP Background Checks

Impact on credit reports is one significant feature of background checks. Many times, clients ask “does JDP pull a credit report with background check” because they want to know how JDP’s check might impact their credit history. If the customer requests it, JDP can in fact include a credit report check in the background check procedure. The financial stability of the tenant or candidate is evaluated in part by this check.

Report and Examples Error Frequency

Credit report and background check errors are somewhat frequent. Statistics indicate that 5% or so of all reports have some mistakes. Such mistakes can be:

  • Misinformation about work history
  • Bad entries in criminal records
  • Reports of credit errors

For instance, a client asked JDP to confirm their background check after learning that the report included information on a crime they had not committed.

Serious repercussions of such mistakes can include being turned down for housing or job. Checking is therefore crucial, and when needed, disputing inaccurate data.

Status Check and Results Receiving

How to View Status

Clients should know where their checks are at right now. One may check the “JDP background check status” in a number of ways:

  • JDP Online Portal: Customers may access the current check status by logging into their personal account on the JDP website.
  • Email Notifications: To let clients know how the check is going, JDP emails notifications at every step.
  • Customer Service: Clients wishing to find out the status of their check can get in touch with JDP’s customer service.

Methods of Getting Results

Clients receive JDP background check results in a number of ways:

  • Email: The client’s named email address receives a complete report.
  • Online Access: Through their JDP website personal account, the client can download the report.
  • Mail: Sometimes, particularly when a printed copy is needed, JDP mails the results.

It is noteworthy that every result comes in a manner that the client finds comfortable and includes a thorough explanation of every verified fact.

Regularly Asked Questions

Client Question and Response Examples

JDP background checks take how long?

About three business days pass on average during a JDP check. The particular time, nevertheless, could vary depending on the kind of check and how much information has to be confirmed.

A background check includes what?

A background check comprises a credit history check, work history check, criminal history check, education verification, and driver’s license check.

How do I see how my check is progressing?

Checking the check status is possible by email, phone, or the JDP web portal.

Is JDP pulling a credit report along with a background investigation?

If the customer requests it, JDP might integrate a credit history check within the background check procedure.

How further back does the JDP background check go?

Checks can be written for anything from seven to ten years, depending on the kind of check and the needs of the customer.

Practical Advice and Suggestions

  • View Your Reports Frequently: Periodically verifying your credit and background checks is advised to find and fix mistakes early.
  • Note Vital Records: To offer proof of mistakes, save all significant employment and credit history records.
  • Call Experts: Should reports contain mistakes, get expert help.

These pointers will enable you to handle your credit and work history more effectively and take quick care of any emerging problems.

Approaching Errors

Should your credit reports or background checks reveal mistakes, you should do the following:

  1. Compile Proof: Save all the paperwork demonstrating the report’s inaccurate information.
  2. Reach JDP: Make a request for data correction and learn the causes of the mistake by contacting JDP.
  3. See a Lawyer: Should the issue remain unsolved, get legal help. Experts at IG-TCHAD Law Firm, for instance, can assist you in correcting mistakes and pursuing damages.

Information for Free Consultations

Get free advice on mistakes in credit reports and background checks by contacting experts at IG-TCHAD Law Firm.

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