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Partnership Tenant background checks and credit reports are the specialty of TransUnion’s SmartMove business. The business runs on the use of cutting-edge technology and a large database, which provide precise and current information about possible tenants.

Purposes and Characteristics

  • Supplying thorough reports with criminal background checks and credit histories.
  • Utilizing a simple internet interface to obtain reports fast.
  • Giving landlords all the information they need to make educated decisions, therefore safeguarding their interests.

Background Information Historical

In 2010, SmartMove was established as a division of TransUnion, one of the top credit agencies in the United States. Landlords all around the nation have come to rely on SmartMove since its founding. Ten years ago, the company aggressively built its technology and grew its database to become one of the global leaders in tenant screening.

Benefits from SmartMove Use:

  • Reliability and Accuracy: SmartMove screening yields very accurate information because of TransUnion’s large database.
  • Convenience: The renting process moves more quickly when tenants can fill out applications and get screening results online.
  • Comprehensive Information: All the information required to make decisions is included in the SmartMove credit report and background check.
  • Risk Reduction: Landlords who use SmartMove services can reduce the risks connected to choosing a renter and make wise choices based on validated information.

Issues and Their Effects with SmartMove Reports

Tenant and landlord lives can be greatly impacted by mistakes in SmartMove reports. Data errors of even little magnitude might have disastrous results, such as denied rentals or lowered credit scores. Let us examine the primary problems and effects on clients with SmartMove background checks.

Typical Mistakes Made During SmartMove Background Checks

  • Incorrect credit history information
  • Errors in criminal background data
  • Complicated or out-of-date prior home information
  • Combining data of several persons with comparable names

Statistical Table of SmartMove Report Error Frequency:

Error TypeRegularity (%)Affect on Customers
Credit reports contain mistakes25%Lower credit score
Reference check mistakes15%Problems with employment
Problems with tenant screening20%Refusals of rental
Other mistakes10%Several unfavorable effects

Errors’ Effect on Background Checks and Credit History

Tenant financial losses from SmartMove credit checks might be substantial. A tenant’s credit score may be lowered and loan interest rates raised, for instance, if a credit report contains inaccurate debt information. Renters may thus become caught in a financial trap, which would seriously lower their standard of living.

Tenant ability to find housing may be impacted by mistakes in TransUnion SmartMove background checks. Denials of rentals might result from inaccurate criminal background records or false information about prior homes, which is particularly important for people who need housing right now.

For landlords as much as tenants, knowing these problems and their effects is crucial. It enables them to take actions to safeguard their interests and reduce the risks connected to using SmartMove reports.

Tenant Screening with SmartMove: Procedure and Significance

Comprehensive tenant checks included in SmartMove tenant screening help landlords make educated decisions. Following phases are part of the screening:

  1. Examining credit records to determine the solvency of the tenant.
  2. A criminal background check is gathering information on any past criminal convictions or legal infractions.
  3. Reviewing rental history and tenant dependability is the previous dwelling check.

These checks guarantee landlords choose trustworthy and responsible tenants and reduce the dangers connected with tenant selection.

What Is Included and Why It Matters with SmartMove Credit Check

Tenant credit history is thoroughly included in the SmartMove credit check. The following statistics are included in the report:

  • Credit rating: A financial situation evaluation of the tenant.
  • Payment history: Details about on-time loan and other obligation payments.
  • Debt load: The total of all present debts and liabilities.

By knowing this, landlords can determine if a renter is solvent and steer clear of the dangers of nonpayment of rent.

Check Reliability: Does SmartMove Exist?

One often asked question from landlords is: Is SmartMove reliable? Yes, is the clear response. Reliability and accuracy of the information supplied are confirmed by SmartMove, a division of TransUnion, one of the top credit bureaus in the United States. The organization guarantees data relevance and dependability by using cutting edge technologies and a large database.

How IG-TCHAD Law Firm May Be of Use

Clients experiencing mistakes in SmartMove reports can get thorough legal support from IG-TCHAD Law Firm. Our services seek to defend the rights and interests of our clients and get them paid for losses. We provide a complete solution for credit report and tenant screening-related problems.

Our Offerings and Methodologies for Solving Problems

  • Free consultations: First evaluation of the circumstances and recommendations for next steps.
  • Report analysis: Examination of SmartMove credit reports and background checks for mistakes and discrepancies.
  • Legal assistance: Includes case preparation and filing as well as courtroom representation of clients’ interests.
  • Recovery of compensation: Investigating ways to make up for losses brought on by inaccurate reports.

Methodical Guide to Handling Problems With Our Company:

  1. First Consultation: Get a free consultation with us. We’ll assess the problem and offer potential fixes.
  2. Information collecting: Send us copies of every report and paper that has anything to do with your problem.
  3. Preparing the required paperwork and doing a thorough study of the findings will be the responsibilities of our attorneys.
  4. Legal Actions: We shall bring a case and stand up for your rights in court.
  5. Working to get paid for the harm done.

Our method is focused on giving every customer our full attention and carefully examining every circumstance. We are sure of our abilities and assure you of competent support and rights protection.

Life Stories of the Clients

SmartMove report errors can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s lives. The IG-TCHAD Law Firm assisted clients in resolving these issues and here are four instances of how such mistakes impacted individuals.

Jonathan Blake, Story One

  • Problem: A fault in the SmartMove tenant screening led to the denial of accommodation to 28-year-old Californian programmer Jonathan Blake. He was found guilty of a crime he never committed, the report said.
  • Result: With his present lease coming up, Jonathan had to quickly find temporary housing. He had to take time off work to handle the matter after spending large sums on temporary lodging in hotels.
  • Solution: Jonathan was assisted in fixing the inaccurate information by IG-TCHAD Law Firm. Our attorneys were able to get the false data removed and reimbursed for both moral and financial losses.

Sarah Johnson, Story Two

  • Problem: A SmartMove credit check mistake caused Sarah Johnson, a 34-year-old New York teacher, to find that her credit score had fallen precipitously. There was no real big debt, as the paper said.
  • Consequences: Sarah’s desire of purchasing a house was threatened when she was turned down for a mortgage loan because of her poor credit score.
  • Solution: The lawyers of the IG-TCHAD Law Firm examined the report and discovered the mistake. They managed to have the credit record corrected after contacting TransUnion. Sarah also got paid back for expenses and moral harm.

Michael Stevens, Story Three

  • Problem: During his TransUnion SmartMove background check, 45-year-old Texas engineer Michael Stevens was falsely accused of breaching the law. He lost his job as a result because his company depended on the screening findings.
  • Consequences: Michael’s family’s health and financial circumstances were badly affected by the job loss. He was in a tough spot without a steady source of money.
  • Solution: Michael got legal help by phoning IG-TCHAD Law Firm. We helped him get his reputation back, the false information taken out of the report, and reimbursement for moral and lost revenue.

Lisa Brown, Story Four

  • Problem: A mistake in the SmartMove tenant screening led to Lisa Brown’s, a 30-year-old Florida nurse, being refused housing. About her prior homes, the report included false facts.
  • Consequences: Lisa was suddenly without a place to live when she really wanted to relocate near her new work. Uncertainty caused her to be stressed and she had to pay for temporary housing.
  • Solution: The attorneys at IG-TCHAD Law Firm assisted Lisa in fixing the report, eliminating the false information, and getting paid for both moral damages and out-of-pocket costs. Lisa moved stress-free and found new home fast with our help.

These instances demonstrate the harmful effects that mistakes in SmartMove reports may have on people’s lives and how our firm works to address such issues by defending clients’ rights and pursuing justice.

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