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TurboTenant is a leader in tenant screening services and background check reports. The organization was established to streamline the process of choosing tenants for management firms and property owners. By means of cutting-edge technology and a large database, TurboTenant provides precise and trustworthy reports, therefore preventing problems with dishonest tenants.

Principal Business

Tenant screening is TurboTenant’s principal business. This covers looking at criminal records, previous work and residence, and credit history. Since every report is assembled to the strictest standards of authenticity and secrecy, landlords can make well-informed decisions and obtain a whole picture of possible tenants.

Key Features

One of TurboTenant’s main features is the speed at which screenings are finished. The kind of report requested determines the completion time, however, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours. As a result, the leasing process moves along much more swiftly and property owners may discover trustworthy tenants fast.

Historically, TurboTenant has shown to be a trustworthy partner for landlords all throughout the nation. To guarantee the highest level of accuracy and dependability of the data supplied, the organization is always refining its technology and procedures.

Customary Screening Completion Time

Sort of ScreeningAverage Time to Finish
Credit HistorySeven days a week
Employment Confirmation30 minutes
Check Criminal Records48 hours
Entire Renter Inspection48 hours or less

TurboTenant Features and Advantages

  • Data Accuracy: Every report includes current information that has been carefully checked.
  • Speed: 24 to 48 hours are usually needed to finish a screening.
  • Complete secrecy: All information is guaranteed by stringent data protection regulations.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Easy to use and intuitive.

In the renting procedure, TurboTenant is your trustworthy partner. We give you assurance in your choice of tenants and assist you in avoiding hazards.

Process of Screening Tenants

A thorough tenant screening procedure designed by TurboTenant offers precise and comprehensive information about possible renters. The goal of each of the numerous phases in this procedure is to evaluate a different facet of the tenant’s personality and financial situation.

Procedures of Screening

  1. Identity verification: At this point, the tenant’s identity documents—like a passport or driver’s license—are examined.
  2. Analyzing credit history: This includes looking for debts, payment histories, credit scores, and other financial information.
  3. Verification of Employment: This validates present employment, salary, and stability of work.
  4. Verification of Residence: This examines past addresses and landlord evaluations related to the renting history.
  5. Criminal Records Check: Search for records of convictions, arrests, and other violations.

Specifics of the Reviewing Procedure

Information from many sources is gathered and analyzed at every level to guarantee high accuracy and dependability of the data. Data from several credit agencies are taken into account, for instance, when examining credit history, and official documents and direct conversations with employers are utilized to confirm employment.

Conclusions and Content of Screening Reports

A comprehensive screening report with all the gathered information and the findings from every stage is produced as a result of the screening. The landlord may make an educated decision about renting by having a complete image of the possible renter thanks to this report.

Tenant Screening Process Main StagesStage Content
Identity VerificationExamining identity papers
Evaluation of Credit HistoryVerifying debts, payments, and credit score
Employee VerificationChecking present employment status and income
Identity VerificationReviewing rental history
Criminal Records VerificationLooking for records of offences and conviction

Because TurboTenant guarantees the highest caliber of tenant screening, landlords may rent out their properties with confidence and knowledge.

Facts and Figures

Statistics and success indicators are crucial to comprehending how well TurboTenant screens. Key statistics demonstrating the caliber and dependability of TurboTenant’s services are listed in the table below.

Statistics on TurboTenant Screening
Average Completion Time24-48 hours
% of Screenings That Were Successful97%
% of Differences Discovered10%
Monthly Screening Count50,000+
Average Completion Time98% Customer Satisfaction

One important aspect for landlords is that TurboTenant guarantees prompt screening completion. Landlords can quickly obtain the required information and make judgments because all screening types take an average of 24 to 48 hours to complete.

Component of Successful Screenings

TurboTenant does a lot of successful screenings; 97% of them are finished without any problems and yield precise information about prospective tenants.

In Percentage of Discrepancies Discovered

About 15% of TurboTenant scans turn out inconsistencies or mistakes in the supplied information. In this way, landlords can spot issues early on and stay safe.

Count of Monthly Screenings

Over 50,000 screenings are done by TurboTenant every month, indicating the company’s great popularity and the landlords’ great degree of confidence.

Ratio of Customer Contentment

According to polls, 98% of TurboTenant clients are happy with the speed and caliber of the services rendered. This speaks to the company’s excellent caliber of service and dependability.

The Advantages of Statistics Use

  • Transparency: By displaying the real outcomes of the company’s efforts, statistical statistics help clients to believe the services offered.
  • Well-Informed Choices: With knowledge of the screening success indicators, landlords can select TurboTenant for tenant screenings with assurance.
  • High Levels of Achievement and Client Contentment: Help to build trust in the business.

Statistics confirm that TurboTenant not only offers excellent tenant screening services but also guarantees dependability and openness in its operations.

User Issues and Resolutions

Landlords who use TurboTenant can steer clear of a lot of issues involving erroneous information on possible tenants. The following accounts tell how our services assisted four clients who ran across problems with TurboTenant reports.

Robert Henderson and the Inaccuracy in the Verification of Past Employment

Robert Henderson applied through TurboTenant after deciding to live downtown. It became out throughout the screening procedure that the report had the incorrect previous job stated. His former company, with whom he had not worked for a number of years, was listed rather than his present one. One may have denied the rental for this reason.

  • Error: Wrong previous employer, mistake.
  • Consequences: Possible refusal of the rental.
  • Our Fix: Robert and his present employer were called right away by TurboTenant to confirm the accurate information. With the report revised in less than a day, Robert was able to rent the flat.

Second Story: Emily Clark and the Credit Report’s Inaccurate Data

Emily Clark applied on TurboTenant to rent an apartment. The credit history check revealed that the report included nonexistent past-due payments. Her prospects at renting could be severely harmed by this information.

  • Error: Wrong information about past-due payments.
  • Consequences: Low credit score and perhaps turned down for rentals are the results.
  • Our Approach: TurboTenant made the credit bureaus aware of the mistake. Emily successfully rented the apartment once the report was updated in 48 hours.

Story 3: Liam Davis and Missing Criminal Record Information

The report Liam Davis received mentioned a criminal record that did not exist. This could have a major impact on his capacity to get homes.

  • Error: Inaccurate information on criminal records.
  • Consequences: Possible refusal of a rental and reputational hazards.
  • Our Approach: TurboTenant removed the false information after a thorough investigation and by contacting the appropriate authorities. Liam was able to rent the apartment when the data were corrected in 48 hours.

Nora Wallace and the Report Processing Delay, Story 4

When Nora Wallace sought for an apartment rental, the report processing took longer than expected. The delay worried her of missing the chance to rent the preferred apartment.

  • Problem: Processing of the report is taking too long.
  • Consequences: Possible refusal of rental because of protracted wait time.
  • Our Approach: Nora’s application was given top attention by TurboTenant, who finished the screening in a day. This made it possible for her to sign the rental agreement and obtain all the information she needed on schedule.

Motivational Statement

TurboTenant is your trustworthy partner if you own property or run a management company and wish to steer clear of the hazards of renting. We provide free consultations and promise the precision and dependability of every examination we provide.

Make an appointment for a free consultation and to find out more about our services. Renters you can trust and property security guaranteed with TurboTenant.

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