Data Facts Background Check: What You Need to Know


Data Facts Background Check: Expectations in Detail

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All the packages that Data Facts provide for background checks are aimed at different levels of details and needs of the industry. Here is a sneak peek into what a typical background check by Data Facts would entail:

  • Criminal Record Searches. Data Facts searches through public databases across the country, potentially international databases (depending on the check type), for identification of criminal records including felonies, misdemeanors, and arrests.
  • Employment Verification. They contact the past employers with your consent (if they are part of the package), verifying your employment history, job titles, and any information with regard to salary.
  • Verification of Education. Data Facts verifies the degrees you have earned and the schools you have attended, as well as their dates of attendance.
  • Professional License Verification (if any). This also comes into play when it comes to professions requiring licenses, where the validity and any disciplinary actions that have been filed against the license holder can be verified.
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR). If this service is part of the offered package, a check on your driving violations and accidents may be done, relevant to jobs that involve driving.
  • Social Media Check (Optional). Sometimes, employers might require social media screening as part of the background check. They then go through publicly available social media profiles, looking for red flags that could diminish your ability to perform the job.

How Long Does Data Facts Background Check Take

The time it takes to complete a Data Facts background check will be case-dependent, just like other background checks. On average, a Data Facts background check takes between 2 to 10 business days to be completed.

Data Facts Background Check Status

Unfortunately, there is no way you can check the status of your Data Facts background check by yourself. Here’s why:

Security and Privacy. Data Facts puts the protection of your information first and foremost. Allowing any direct access in order to check the status can potentially expose sensitive information.

Verification Process. Background checks involve a communication with various entities like past employers and schools. Data Facts then manages this process and compiles the final report.

Here are some alternative approaches to get an update

Contact the Employer. You should be able to get an update on the status of your application by contacting the employer, who is the one who initiated the background check. They can inquire with Data Facts on your behalf and provide you with the most current information available to them.

Review Application Materials. From time to time, your application materials or even the authorization form for the background check could indicate the time frame allotted to conduct the background check. This should give you an idea of when to expect the results.

Be Patient (within reason): Of course, the check period is usually within 2-10 business days. No employer or anyone else should be contacted unduly about the status of the background check during this time.

Common Errors in Data Facts Background Checks

CategoryPossible ErrorImpact
Personal InformationInaccurate name, date of birth, Social Security number (if applicable)Difficulty verifying your identity and delaying the process.
Employment HistoryIncorrect dates of employment, job titles, or inaccuracies in responsibilitiesCan cast doubt on your qualifications or experience and potentially disqualify you from the position.
Education VerificationDegrees or enrollment dates not confirmedCan raise questions about your educational background and affect your eligibility for the job.
Criminal RecordsMistaken identity, reporting of expunged or sealed recordsUnfairly portraying your criminal history and potentially disqualifying you.
Public Record InformationOutdated civil judgments or inaccuracies in reported informationRaising concerns about your financial responsibility or trustworthiness.
Social Media Screening (if applicable)Inaccurate interpretation of publicly available social media postsUnfairly judging your character or suitability for the position based on social media activity.
Data Entry ErrorsTypos or mistakes during information input by Data FactsInconsistencies in the report that might require clarification or dispute.
Missing InformationIncomplete data due to issues with verification from past employers or schoolsDelaying the background check process and potentially requiring additional steps to obtain the missing information.

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