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HireRight Background Check Overview

The background checks offered by HireRight are all-inclusive and aim to gauge how qualified and safe a candidate could be for their job.

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Criminal Background Check

  • National Criminal Records: Comprehensive search of criminal records, including all kinds of misdemeanors and felonies, sex offenses.
  • County Criminal Records: Search of records from the state in which the candidate lives, works, or studies, focusing on the local criminal history.
  • Federal Criminal Records: Search of records from U.S. district courts for information on federal crimes, not usually part of a county or state check.

Civil Background Check

  • Federal Civil Records: Search for non-criminal suits filed by or against the candidate at the federal level, such as violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights.
  • County Civil Records: Search for any civil litigation records at the county level, including family law cases and disputes involving small claims.
  • Credit History Check
    For positions involving financial responsibilities, it includes checking the candidate’s credit history, based on the database maintained by major credit bureaus. It includes the credit score, bankruptcy records, debts, and other financial information that may depict a candidate’s financial stability and disposition to responsibility.
  • Employment Verification
    In reality, it checks the history provided by a candidate about their employment. HireRight contacts the earlier employers with whom the candidate has worked, inquiring about the designation of the person, work duties, and the duration of employment.
  • Education Verification
    Ensures the factuality of the degree or certifications that a candidate holds, as declared in the application form, through direct contact with the educational institution.
  • Professional Licenses and Certifications
    According to the application, to prove their eligibility for the position, which cannot be contained within the application, verify whether the candidate has possessed the necessary professional license or certification.
  • Motor Vehicle Records
    Oftentimes, in view of jobs that entail operating a company’s vehicles, this check inspects the motor vehicle history of the candidate, validating whether they hold a valid driver’s license and details about the way in which they drove.
  • Health and Drug Screening
    Conducts drug tests and, in some instances, examines the health records of candidates for checking compliance with the requirements made in their job as far as physical demand and workplace safety standards go.
  • International Background Checks
    In case of candidates who have been living or working or studying abroad, these HireRight international checks assess criminal records, employment verification, and education verification depending on the countries involved.

HireRight Background Check Process

This table outlines each major step from initial data collection to the final report generation.

1. InitiationEmployer submits a background check request to HireRight.The employer provides necessary candidate information and specifies the type of background checks required based on the job position.
2. Candidate ConsentHireRight obtains consent from the candidate.Candidates are required to sign a consent form and may need to provide additional personal information necessary for the background check.
3. Data CollectionHireRight collects relevant data based on the requested checks.Data sources may include public records, private databases, previous employers, educational institutions, and government agencies.
4. Verification of DetailsAll collected information is verified for accuracy.This involves confirming the validity of social security numbers, educational credentials, employment history, and other personal details.
5. Conducting ChecksSpecific checks are performed as per the employer’s request.These checks can include criminal records, civil records, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug testing, and more.
6. AnalysisData from various sources is analyzed.HireRight analysts review and compile data, ensuring compliance with legal standards and relevance to the requested checks.
7. Quality ControlThe compiled report undergoes a quality control process.Any inconsistencies found during the checks are revisited, and additional verification is conducted if necessary.
8. Report GenerationA comprehensive background check report is generated.The report includes detailed findings of each check conducted, an executive summary, and any notable discrepancies or issues highlighted.
9. DeliveryThe final background check report is delivered to the employer.Reports are typically delivered through HireRight’s secure online platform, ensuring confidentiality and immediate access by the employer.
10. Candidate ReviewCandidate receives a copy of the background check report if any adverse action is considered based on the report.Under the FCRA, candidates must be provided with a copy of the background check report and a summary of their rights before any adverse employment decision is finalized based on the report.

How Long Does a HireRight Background Check Take?

The HireRight background check time varies; most of them usually take three to seven business days. The overview of the timeline and the factors that can affect the timeline are explained below:
Standard Checks. Most background checks by HireRight are completed within 3 to 7 business days.
Complex Checks. For more comprehensive searches, like those using international records or multiple jurisdictions, the process can take longer, generally up to 2-3 weeks.

How Far Back Does a HireRight Background Check Go?

The timeframe for lookback for a HireRight background check—how far back in an applicant’s history the check can look—varies depending on the type of information being searched and the laws that apply to the location of the job. Here is a short explanation of how these factors influence the depth of the background checks:

  • Criminal Records. Most of the time, criminal records can be reported forever unless state laws prohibit. Many states don’t allow reporting of criminal convictions that are older than seven years, and the time limit can differ (some states allow up to ten years, and others have no limit at all).
  • Credit Information. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), credit history information may be reported for 7 years for most items, like late payments and civil judgments. Bankruptcies can be reported for up to 10 years.
  • Employment History. HireRight usually checks the applicant’s employment history within 7 years. This period generally aligns with industry standards, and for most positions, it adequately covers a recent work history.
  • Educational Records. There is no standard timeframe for verifying educational qualifications; this information is usually verified, regardless of when the degree was awarded.

HireRight Background Check Status

In the case where an employer and the candidate alike both need to check on the status of a HireRight background check, their considerations will be so important for transparency in the hiring process and preparedness for the candidates in case of any possible issues that may arise. Here’s a detailed guide to how employers and candidates can monitor their background check progress with HireRight.

For Employers

The employers can monitor the progress of their checks if they are using the services of HireRight. The following are some of the tools and resources provided by HireRight in an endeavor to ensure that they facilitate the following:

  1. HireRight Client Portal
  • Description: The HireRight Client Portal, which is an elaborate online dashboard, will keep the employers updated of all their screens being processed at all times.
  • Functionality: One key view within the portal is the status of every candidate and the status of background checks being underway.
  1. Email Alerts
  • Setting: Employers are able to opt-in for e-mail notifications, which warn the employer as soon as there is a change in the background check status.
  • Benefits: It informs the employers whether or not there is a need for further action or adjustments throughout the process, without requiring them to visit the portal continuously.
  1. Direct Contact with HireRight Customer Service
  • Access: Employers can contact customer service at HireRight for direct inquiries related to the status of a background check.
  • Utility: This is particularly useful when there are delays or issues not really covered by the portal or email updates.

For Candidates

Background checks may also be monitored by candidates in the following ways:

  1. HireRight Applicant Center
  • Overview: The HireRight Applicant Center is an online site where candidates are provided an avenue to check their own background checks.
  • Features: It has a clean transparent view of where the check is in process, what has been done, and if there is any further action (like providing additional information).
  1. Email communications
  • Adaptation: Employers also receive this notification to find out the status of their background checks via email.
  • Content: These emails could contain prompts that lead the candidates to make steps or updates where there has been a hold-up in the process.
  1. Mobile Updates
  • Convenience: In cases where such information has to be relayed to candidates, HireRight will put in mobile alerts that notify them directly of certain significant updates.
  • Application: This method is particularly convenient for keeping the candidates engaged and alert in case of any additional requirements.

How Do I Know If I Passed My Background Check HireRight?

  1. What Does a Completed Background Check Mean?
  • Notification. You can expect to receive an update from either your employer or HireRight once your background check is completed. Usually, this notification comes through an email or a status update in the applicant center of HireRight.
  • Report Access. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have a right to view your background check if any adverse action is being considered based on it. Also, you can request a copy from HireRight at any time, even if the report results in the negative.
  1. Understanding Different Statuses
  • Clear. This means that the check has been performed, and no records that could cause disqualification were found according to the standards set by the employer. This is the normal condition for having “passed” the background check.
  • Consider. If your report is marked as ‘Consider’, it means that the findings from the background check need more review by the employer. It does not necessarily mean that you failed; it means the employer will give more attention to the results and decide whether they are relevant to this job’s requirements.
  • Discrepant. A discrepant status means the information you provided does not match the data discovered during the background check. This could include mistakes in employment history, education, or professional licenses that can affect the outcome of your job application.

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